Point of Sale (POS) Software

Pizza & Delivery POS Software

If you are looking for a way to increase efficiency with your pizza deliveries, our software can help you manage your customer ordering processes as well as labor and delivery services.

  • Integrated Caller ID
  • Customer Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Delivery Driver Dispatch
  • Touch-Screen Support
  • Full sales analysis reporting
  • Fit into any Take-away/ Delivery food retail service
  • And more

POS World is a low cost Pizza POS designed for Pizza shops and sandwich shops. This application has not only a user-friendly simplicity, but also fully customisable & editable, and you do not need computer skills to use it.

Key Features of our pizza delivery POS software

POS Pizza has the following key features:

  1. 1. General features:
    1. tickIntegrated Caller ID
    2. tickEasy to use graphical order entry screen
    3. tickEmployee Time Clock( Clock-In & Clock-Out)
    4. tickSearch customer by ID, phone or Post code to take Order(three different options)
    5. tickFull Ordering module
    6. tickCreate you own Pizza
    7. tickIncrease or Decrease quantity
    8. tickAdd or update Toppings
    9. tickSwap Toppings
    10. tickAdd Dressings
    11. tickHalf & Half Toppings
    12. tickDelete menu Item from shopping card
    13. tickCLEAR ALL Items
    14. tickVOID Order - allows ONLY authorised employees to VOID order/s
    15. tickAdding Discount & discount reason( Free, Half price, Two-for-one discounts, or by percentage)
    16. tickDiscounts for any or entire orders
    17. tickAuto Calculate Delivery Fees based on area
    18. tickChange order from home delivery to store collection OR vice versa
    19. tickFull customer order History Recall and duplicate previous order
    20. tickEasily Add new customer
    21. tickCustomer database that builds as you go
    22. tickFind customer on Google map
    23. tickPrint Order Option
    24. tickCustomer Information on Orders
    25. tickFull sales analysis reporting
    26. tickCalculate today’s sales with print option
    27. tickCalculate today’s collection with print option
    28. tickCalculate today’s delivery with print option
    29. tickCalculate today’s individual driver with print option
    30. tickAnd more
  2. 2. Admin features:
    1. tickSecure login system
    2. 2.1. Edit services:
      1. tickEdit unlimited categories (e.g. Special offer, Pizza, Pasta, Drink, and so on)
      2. tickEdit unlimited category’s menu( e.g. Margarita, Hawaiian, Marinara, and so on)
      3. tickEdit menu pricing
      4. tickEdit unlimited Extra / Topping per menu/Item
      5. tickEdit Extra / Topping prices
      6. tickEdit drivers (e.g. name, telephone, address, number plate)
    3. 2.2. Edit Customer’s services:
      1. tickCustomer display module
      2. tickCustomers order module
      3. tickSearch previous orders
      4. tickUpdate customer’s details
      5. tickSales calculation (From - TO)
      6. tickUpdate ads on customer receipt (for general info, advertising special offers and … )
    4. 2.3. Delete services:
      1. tickDelete customer /s
      2. tickDelete category /ies
      3. tickDelete menu/s
      4. tickDelete order/s
      5. tickDelete Extra / Topping
      6. tickDelete Extra / Topping price
      7. tickDelete driver
  • Extremely easy to use and learn
  • Very Affordable
  • Built-in report generators
  • Touch-Screen Support
  • Thermal printer Support
  • Cash Drawer Support
  • Orders will print to printers
  • No HTML coding or web programming knowledge required to change categories, menus, extra topping, pricing, and so on
  • Easily determine what categories are available from database
  • 100% HTML based so it is fully compatible with all Platforms/Operating Systems, Browsers, and even smart phones.
  • So Much More

Customer Management

The Customer display module makes keeping track of your customers easy. It enables you to look up customers by customer ID, phone number or Post code. View their order history, or even import an old order as a new order. View their total number of orders, total spent and more.

Driver Dispatch

  1. tickDefine and update your own delivery drivers with their full details( name, tel, number plate, employee's Access Level, and etc)
  2. tickView the list of Delivery Orders
  3. tickView the status of Delivery Drivers
  4. tickEasily Dispatch Drivers for delivery orders in queue
  5. tickHandles driver money drop
  6. tickDrivers payment
  7. tickDriver analysis - Calculate individual delivery driver with print option
  8. tickDelivery driver IN & OUT
  9. tickupdate order driver
  10. tickAnd more...


Our Pizza & Delivery Point of Sale software can generate a variety of reports. These include:

  1. tickToday's sales - for any individual Eat-In, Takeaway, Delivery, Collection and All Orders
  2. tickOne day’s orders - for any individual Eat-In, Takeaway, Delivery and Collection report
  3. tickOne week’s orders - for any individual Eat-In, Takeaway, Delivery and Collection report
  4. tickOne month’s orders - for any individual Eat-In, Takeaway, Delivery and Collection report
  5. tickFROM and TO any date you select - for any individual Eat-In, Takeaway, Delivery and Collection report
  6. tickIndividual delivery driver's reports - Today, One day, one week, one month, and FRPM & TO date
  7. tickDrivers payment report
  8. tickCustomer List and customer Purchase History Detail
  9. tickYour customer’s total orders
  10. tickYour customer’s total spent
  11. tickTotal sales and Profits
  12. tickAnd more...


Pizza & Delivery POS software is a full client and server package which includes, web server and database server. This package is compatible with all versions of Windows Operating System( OS), Mac OS and Linux OS.

Purchasing POS Software

To purchase our Pizza & Delivery POS Software you can call us at 079 6453 3916 or email us. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Technical Support Policy

Telephone technical support is freely available for POS World software and this support does NOT cover any issues that are not directly controlled by settings within our software package. We do not cover any HARDWARE issues whatsoever.

We also offer FREE technical support by email.

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